On Monday June 25th, I braved the travel times and double fare to go to Vaughn Mills Mall in order to run some errands. After running those errands I ended up just walking around the mall and window shopping for a little bit until the VDL display at Vaughn’s The Face Shop caught my eye.
The display had advertised a 20% off sale for some (or all) VDL products , which I believe runs until Canada Day or Canada Day Weekend. Now while I’m not a stranger to Korean beauty, I haven’t been acquainted with VDL products yet.   So I just randomly tested a few of the brand’s lip products and settled on their expert colour lip cube velvet in the colour Rosewood (502).
When I was browsing the colours on the testers, I had originally thought that Rosewood was a milk tea-like colour, however it was a pretty MLBB-type dusty pink. Honestly, my descriptions of colours aren’t the best so if you have a better one please comment it below.

The lipstick is a velvet kind of texture and applies somewhat matte on the lips, in comparison to other lipsticks I have, I can’t really tell if the application is easier/more precise with the square shape of the lipstick. However, I will say that the colours available are pretty nice, including those in other VDL lip products.
Another nice colour from the same lipstick line is  the colour 101 in Witch Flower.  From the Lip Fluid collection, two colours to look out for is 104 Flower Dust and 103  Make Me Rosy. If you’ve got your eye on VDL products, you should probably take advantage of this sale ASAP.
Do you have any VDL products? What do you recommend, and what don’t you recommend? Let me know in the comments!


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