The VDL flagship store opened back in Summer last year, but I visited it back in Spring and this poor little blog post about the foundation brush got pushed back 5 months! But a late review is better than forgetting about one right?
The flagship store was located on Queen St. on the west side of Bathurst, which is not a part of the city I’ve been to before. It was also conveniently located beside the ihalokrunch flagship store, but I believe the VDL flagship has permanently closed (or at least according to the google page on it).
The whole reason I visited the flagship store in the first place was to check the place out, see some of the products and most importantly, get a foundation brush. Because all this time I’ve been applying makeup, I’ve used a blending sponge and I’m curious to try out a foundation brush.
There were a few to choose from but the ones that caught my eye was the Pantone square looking foundation brush, and the VDL circular one used to buff foundation onto the skin. They were both very similar in price (the regular VDL one was $1 more) and I liked the feel of the brush hairs on both of them. Ultimately I ended up choosing the Pantone one because it (according to the employee) has a conditioner in the brush hairs that help keep its shape after cleaning/washing it, that’s what sold me. Well that, and that soft brush hairs which I couldn’t stop touching.
I liked the brush, but when I tried it out it seemed to make the foundation (no matter which one I tried) cling to the little bumps on my face. So I ended up adding a step to go in with the blending sponge afterwards, which actually fixes it a little (made it less prominent I mean). I’m not sure if it’s just like this or if I’m doing something wrong (still new at makeup and learning lol) so let me know please.
Overall, I don’t regret the purchase (it was like $20/$30 CAD plus a box of cotton pads). I also got some samples (a fair amount actually) for a cleansing balm, and a lumilayer cream sample, and the lumilayer primer sample. I’ve yet to try the cream and cleansing balm sample, but I’ve had a sample of the primer in the past and I like it. It’s not great for me to use it all the time (because when paired with the dewy-ish bb cream I have, it looks like I just went swimming) , but it works as intended.

Sorry if this review seems a little different from the others. It’s been a while since my first impressions of it, and my previous notes don’t really have been much to say. Funnily enough, when I bought the coral coloured brush I had my coral coloured bag with me and it was a perfect colour match lol.


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