This is an updated list of where you can buy Korean Beauty products, both online and/or in store. Some of these places also sell Japanese Beauty products, so keep an eye out!

In Store:

Buying in stores is one of the most common for any beauty product, most stores (especially the branded ones) will have testers out for you but I wouldn’t rely on the testers at stores that carry a variety (sometimes they don’t have them).
Places that sell  K-beauty/J-Beauty: 

  • Pacific Mall (multiple stores)
  • Yorkdale (Nature Collection & Innisfree)
  • Scarborough Town Centre (Innisfree, Sukoshi Mart  & Nature Collection)
  • Square One (Sukoshi Mart &  Nature Collection)


Buying makeup and etc online can be a little daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with sites and whether or not they charge foreign or local currency.  For the most part, I tried to find sites that were either Canadian-based or Canadian currency friendly.
  • Yesstyle: it’s one I’ve used over the years, and you can buy in most local currencies. 
  • Chuusi: it’s Vancouver based and has slightly more detailed shipping information on their site.
  • Pink n Blossom: I had a tab saved on their site but it seems that they’re working on a new site so I wasn’t able to get back to it. However I believe that they do charge in CAD.
  • MISSHA: There is a Canadian site available for Missha, and if the information is accurate they charge in CAD and have free shipping for orders over $59.
  • Bambeau: I found out about this site/company through Instagram, and I took a quick look and it looks promising! They ship out from Toronto, offer Ontario express shipping on orders $50+,  and they charge in CAD/USD/EUR.


I want to say this method is fairly new, but I’ve been a little busy with school and haven’t really paid attention. But this is basically a “DM to order” style thing. It came to my attention late last year and it’s a really good/interesting thing, especially since it’s a lot more personal than ordering stuff online and waiting for it to show up.
  • Skin TO:  Known as on Instagram, they were the first “DM to order” type that I knew about. You’d DM them about something they carry, and set up a meet-up /shipping method. They also do a lot of research behind the products and have reviews from other people/customers.
  • Eonni Toronto:  They are @eonni.toronto on Instagram, and I think you basically DM to order and choose a shipping method/meetup  and kind of work from there. I see that they also do reviews, so I’d recommend taking a look.
  • Lamour Beauty: They were my latest discovery, and are under the handle on Instagram.  They run both a online sore and have a   “DM to order”  style thing going on too, free shipping on $50+ and there are two  pickup locations (Scarborough and Markham).

Honestly, the realm of buying beauty/K-beauty products have been changing within the past year. So I’m really excited to be able to let you guys know that there are more options than before, and that not everything is going fully digital. I’ve yet to try most of these other options (mainly because I probably have too much already LOL) but they are really promising, and I have a feeling that they’ve found their niche in the market.


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