About Me

Hi, I’m Malisa.

I’m a blogger and college student.

I started this blog sometime in 2016 or 2017 after I got started in Korean Skincare, and later, Korean Beauty (as a whole) because I couldn’t find someone with an online presence in Canada talking about it. I really like trying out different products and with how saturated the industry is with great products, I prefer to know if my money is going to be well spent.

I was still in High School when I started this blog, so products with a price tag of $50+ I tended to avoid, save up for, or attempt to find dupes for. It’s a habit that has followed me into college as well, so, expect that in my reviews & posts!

Other than the beauty and lifestyle topics on this blog, I’m also an active college student and bookworm. I have a section in my blog categories about College Life, where I try to talk more about college hardships and so forth. And in my free time between working, blogging for the main blog and school, I also run a book blog.