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Hello! Were you hoping to work with me? Take a look below to see how we can help each other out!

I love trying new beauty and skincare items to see if they’re worth the cost or the hype, and how easy it is to get them in Canada. I’m also a big fan of building up your personal closet and filling your home with practical/didn’t think you needed items to make your life easier.

About My Blog; Vesalisa-Lifestyle

Vesalisa-Lifestyle is a Canadian beauty and lifestyle blog focusing on Korean Skincare and Makeup reviews, and how/where to get them in Canada. The blog also dabbles in a variety of ‘Lifestyle-type’ topics including but not limited to; Tips, Hauls and a down-to-earth ‘Real Talk’ segment that talks about daily life, hardships and more.

I started my blog as a student with less than 1 year of skincare experience. I wanted a place to write fair reviews that remained truthful without being super critical, and recommend reasonably priced products for a student’s limited budget. Besides the occasional splurge and hauls, most of the products reviewed are under $50 CAD.

How We Can Work Together

I am open to PR, collaborations and sponsored posts if your brand matches the topics I’m able to cover on my blog. Send me an email to see if we can work something out.