There is absolutely something about the opening up of malls and indoor shopping that’s showing a bit of an increase in spending lately, not to mention bringing more people out to just walk around. I fell into the shopping train a few times already both online and in-store, so here are just a few things I ended up getting from Aritzia.

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First Haul

First off, Aritzia is a bit more expensive than a lot of other stores. I don’t normally buy clothes from Aritzia but there were a few sales and just random items that ended up catching my eye while I was in their stores. My first haul was back in June during their clientele sale.

I’ve been on the Aritzia newsletter for a long time but never bought anything because they were expensive compared to stores like Ardene and etc. It wasn’t until recently when I started looking at their catalogue again, specifically their hoodies and sweatpants since mine were getting pretty old.

Cozy Boyfriend Hoodie from Aritzia in Eclipse
Photo courtesy of Aritzia

For that first haul, I ended up getting a Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Hoodie and the Cozy Fleece Mega Sweatpant. They were $64 and $56 respectively, putting the order total at about $136. I cried a little at that price, but I was also super excited to have been able to buy my own stuff from Aritzia.

I originally wanted to get a Mega-sized hoodie for the ultimate oversized feel, but because of the sale, the colours I wanted were sold out. But since the Boyfriend size was the next level down, I went for it because it couldn’t have been that noticeable of a difference no?

Cozy Mega Sweatpant from Aritzia in Heather Dover Grey
Photo courtesy of Aritzia

The Boyfriend hoodie in size 3 was perfect, the colour was really rich and it fits like I expected it to fit. It was also really warm which will be awesome this fall. The Mega sweatpant I got in size L, and I was on the fence about it. It looked and fit weird on me. If I wear it “normally” it looks like I’m lowriding, but if I pull it up the waistband is literally 2 inches under my bra.

But other than that, it fits comfortably and was thick and warm too. So I opted to make it work and not return it.

Second Haul

My second haul I ended up outlining on my blog post here, near the very end. But essentially I ended up getting two Cozy Boyfriend sweatpants, one pair of sweat shorts, and a grey T-Shirt. The sweatshirts I’m using as PJs and they are so comfortable, though I could’ve sized down. The T-Shirt is also very comfortable, it’s a thick cotton material and not the greatest during the hot summer but it’s still great overall.

Third Haul

My third and final haul luckily was only two items, one of which was ordered from the store to get the right-ish size. I got the Callisto button-up in white, and I would’ve gotten it in Mauve if they had any left, it’s so pretty but simple. The second item was the Central Pant in Heather Chrome, we ordered the L because it was the only size available and it’s a little snug but not uncomfortably so. I’m thinking it’s going to be a winter-PJ type of item.

I actually got the pants literally a few days after ordering it in-store and it was amazingly quick. The order was placed on the 17th and I got it yesterday (on the 20th).

Overall, I’ve come to terms with how much I ended up spending at Aritzia over the past two months. I won’t have any regrets once it’s cold enough to start wearing them honestly. Now before you go, do you mind following me on Bloglovin’ or on social media? You will never miss another blog post, and it also helps me out in the long run!

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