I’ve actually seen this product around YesStyle and featured on some k-beauty youtuber’s skincare routines, but for the longest time I never got the product because; A) it was a little expensive around $27CAD and B) it had a wait of 1-2 weeks at the time. So when they finally had a sale (sort of?) and the product was going to ship within 24 hours, you can bet that I jumped on that product ASAP!
I already had a gel-based exfoliator (The Face Shop’s Mild Papaya Peeling)  that I liked, and I was only able to hold off from using the bio-peel pads for about a week after I got it, that was when the curiosity became too much to handle. I was originally torn between getting the lemon scented one and the green tea one, and I actually ended up getting the Green Tea one over the lemon because I felt that I could always try the lemon one later on.
They also have a wine one, but some of the reviewers compared the scent to that of a candy so I crossed that one out. I don’t necessarily like scents that are too sweet because they make me sneeze like crazy, but I can’t always tell just from reviews so while I’m not likely to get the wine scented one anytime soon, it’s not like I’m crossing it out entirely.
So to start, the pad has two sides; one side is slightly rough with a micro-quilted type design that acts as your first step, you use that to exfoliate your face but try not to press down too hard because over-exfoliating is real and it hurts! The other side is a quilted cotton-pad type design that you use to pat in the essence from the bio-peel pad, then I believe you rinse the essence off.
In comparison, I don’t think I’ll be going back to using the peeling gel after I finish the bottle. The bio-peel pads  were more convenient and left my skin feeling smooth just a few days longer than the peeling gel’s did. However, I know that the peeling pads aren’t for everyone because it is on the slightly pricey side, and if you press too hard you may end up over-exfoliating (essentially taking off dead skin cells and irritating the regular skin cells underneath) which can hurt.
Overall, I would recommend this product especially for those who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to using the peeling gel, then having to wipe/wash off the little white bits of product and dead skin cells. Probably takes less than 5 mins tops, from start to finish when using this.
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