It’s been around a while since I first applied these false nails, and there’s quite a bit of things that I noted about the product, so without further ado click to read my observations.
I’ve never applied false nails before so I’m not sure if what I did was correct, or if I had missed a step or etc. Prior to applying the nails, I cut my natural nails, and did the rest of the routine. I also made sure that there wasn’t any product (nail treatments, strengtheners and etc) left over on my nails.
I saw a video where a girl buffed the surface of her natural nails so that the false nails would stick longer, I’m not sure how well that works (seems reasonable though) but I opted to skip that step since my nails were still somewhat recovering from my last gel polish manicure. 
The nails were easy to apply since these were the steps in the instructions:​

  1. Choose the false nails closest to your natural nail size (alight them with the plastic tab facing towards your cuticle) and/or in the order you want the design to be in
  2. Use prep pad to wipe down your natural nails
  3. Peel off plastic to reveal glue and press down
  4. File down to desired nail shape
The nails attach perfectly and are pretty sturdy, though I wouldn’t say they’re sturdier than getting acrylic or gel extensions. The sizes of the nails are a little weird and may or may not fit everyone’s nails, for example, on my nails, the nails for the pinky, ring & middle finger fit just right. However the ones for the thumb and index fingers are either a little big or a little small.


  • They are a good length that won’t obstruct or hinder day-to-day activities
  • Easy to apply & remove
  • There are many colours and designs to choose from
  • The false nails are sturdy
  • Pretty affordable at $13-$14 each compared to one    manicure around $40+
  • *Could* be reusable (I’m not sure if it’s advised to remove the glue afterwards and use regular nail glue to re-apply)


  • False Nail sizes are a little weird and may not fit everyone
  • Lasts around 4-7 days
  • Have to remove them after swimming/can’t swim with them or take a bath (probably will loosen the glue)
  • Edges (over time) will end up being caught in hair
  • Will bend and crease under good pressure


  • I’m not sure if it was the way that I filed my nails, but I found it hard to scratch an itch on my head with these nails.
  • It’s also a bad idea to place it too close to your cuticles, because it will push up against them when a good amount of pressure is    applied to the tip of the nail.
  • The glue under the clear nail is visible, especially where the edge of the glue ends along the edges of the nail.

I wore those false nails for about a week, give or take and then removed them.  The week after that I went to a nearby nail supply store and bought some nail glue and attempted to glue them back on, and it did work, however it didn’t feel as  sturdy on my nails afterwards. Because the original press on glue was a very thick slab, and the glue I’m currently using is watery but very adhesive. All-in-all, I’ll see how well the regular nail glue fares, and whether it’s worth re-gluing them lol.


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