Pimples, irritated skin and maybe some redness. Sound familiar? They’re some of the after-effects of wearing face masks for a prolonged amount of time. I’ve been in that pool since working, and I’m pretty sure front liners have it much worse. But here are some tips that I’ve tried to help soothe mask-irritated skin and maskne, I hope this helps!

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I was super lucky that I was already trying a new toner prior to having to start wearing masks whenever I go out, this was the CosRX Alcohol Free Centella Toner. What I noticed through daily use for over 4 months now, was that it reduced the number of breakouts I would typically get when I’m stressed. I get some pimples when I get stressed, and with everything that happened so early in the year…. I understand that the amount of Centella in the product probably isn’t that much to have a big effect, but I assume there’s some type of preventative thing going on but I don’t have a way to find proof for my guess.
Another product I would recommend based on glowing reviews (and skin) is an Artemisia serum or essence. The two most popular ones that I’ve seen around is from ‘Missha’ and another brand called ‘I’m From’. I actually bought the one from Missha recently, but I haven’t opened it up yet. Artemisia is supposed to be great for reducing redness, calming troubled skin and helps the skin regenerate.
In a general sense, I would recommend trying your hand with soothing ingredients like aloe, Mugwort (Artemisia) or Centella (Centella Asiatica).
The next recommendation to upkeep your skin during this mask-ing time is none other than the Nacific Origin Fresh Herb Serum. Also known as the “damn serum” because of the stinging (my review here), despite that it’s also known to help soothe, moisturize and help troubled skin. I’ve had some occasional stinging while using this, so like the other product, I kind of think feel it’s working to try to prevent future breakouts or at the very least minimize them.
Another item recommendation would be CorsRx’s Pimple Patches. I find that they’re a great product to have at hand around the house and in your toiletry bag, most places sell it at a reasonable price so it’s not a big deal to get either. I have these on hand and while I haven’t had to use it on Maskne or any pimples yet, it’ll be useful.
As an afterthought, I feel that with the conditions our skin is being put through, exfoliating has become slightly more important. It can lessen the time a dark spot from a pimple will stay on your skin, and make your skin look as though nothing has changed. My recommendation, like always, is the Neogen Bio-Peel Peeling Gauze in Green Tea. Now it’s not for everyone, so feel free to choose your own steps.
Finally, the last Maskne step for me would be sunscreen. Weird I know but I heard somewhere some bouts of Maskne were caused by friction between your skin and the face mask. The person suggested using Vaseline (petroleum jelly) in a thin layer to prevent or reduce friction, but I break out from petroleum jelly so my substitute was sunscreen and mattifying powder. It works for me but might not work for you so please keep that in mind.
This is the one I’m currently using from Etude House, there’s no white cast and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I’ll have a review up soon about this so stay tuned if you’re curious!

And these are the steps I took to control any budding maskne, some of the products may not work for everyone but there are alternative products out there that could be substituted with this. Any products not linked above will be linked below, and I’ll see you next time! ~


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