AMPLE:N is a brand that you may have seen on and off skincare social media, and it’s been popping off lately! I got the chance to try two of their ampoules and I’m very excited to share my experience of the ampoules with you! This is the second serum that I was gifted, read on to hear about it or find the link to part 1.

I received these products for free from Picky and Coreana in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

There were two ampoules to this set that I was gifted, you can read my review (pt. 1) on the Peptide Shot Ampoule here. This is Pt. 2 and I’ll be reviewing AMPLE:N’s Ceramide Shot Ampoule. These reviews were originally posted as a reel on Instagram, you can find that on my account here.

If you’ve been spending some time on skincare social media, you’ll have seen people occasionally talking about this ampoule alongside the peptide shot one. From what I know, there are two sizes of this ampoule; a 100mL one and then one that’s smaller (maybe 50mL?). I was gifted the 100mL size for this review. To start, AMPLE:N’s boxes are a simple white with pink letter accents for the ceramide ampoule. While I haven’t visited a derm office or a spa yet, their boxes look similar to something you’d expect to find there.

Left to right; AMPLE:N Ceramide Shot Ampoule, Peptide Shot Ampoule

The ampoule is in a clear glass dropper bottle, and from what I’ve seen it’s well-made. Thicker glass on the bottom, and the dropper works just fine without any loose feeling, etc. The ampoule itself is a thick white/milky ampoule. It’s highly concentrated and helps to moisturize your skin, though the box also claims that it can help brighten and prevent wrinkles as well. I’ve used this on my skin during the past few weeks when the temperature in Canada dropped to like -25 Celcius, and it’s helped to prevent my skin from drying out.

A drop of AMPLE:N’s Ceramide Shot Ampoule
After the ampoule is applied/has sunk into the skin

I will say though, that because the ampoule is so thick, you’ll need to apply it closer to the end of your routine and give it a good 30 seconds or so (sometimes longer) to let it sink in. This is especially true if you have a larger skincare routine like I do, and you may still need to follow up with moisturizer after.

There is virtually no scent to the ampoule, so I believe this will be safe for those who may be sensitive to scents. I’m about 25% through my bottle of this serum already and will be re-purchasing if I don’t have another winter serum next year, though this is kind of easier to find in Canada. I believe the price ranges around $30-$40, and a quick search shows that Bambeau and Sukoshi Mart should sell them if you want to pick one up.


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