Mother’s day is coming up fast on May 10th this year, and while most of us are at home or are essential workers I thought some gift suggestions or listing some  small kind gestures to make for Mother’s Day would be a good idea.
Originally I thought of only gifts for Mother’s Day, but with Covid-19 going on and realizing that some may not have a lot of money to spare I decided to also include some kind gestures/crafts that I did as a kid and some that I found online.



I’ve bought an Oatbox subscription that I’ve used on and off, and you can find my review   here. I think it’s a great way to show them that you care and the like, and it’s a breakfast/snack subscription (you can get individual boxes too) so it’s like a care package. The individual boxes have different varieties and they had a Mother’s Day box but I think it’s sold out. Other than the individual boxes, they also sell coffee/tea, oatmeal, granola and breakfast bars so just play around and see what’s up.
If you end up deciding to buy an Oatbox box or a subscription, you can use my referral code: vesalisa to get $10 off your first order.


Squish Candies

I’ve also purchased from Squish Candies in the past before, and I find that their candies are great as gifts, especially their gummy mixes and etc. I know for a fact that my mom loves their Tea Leaves gummies and luckily I have a small bag I bought a few months ago. Their free shipping minimum is currently $79, but their shipping fee is $9.99. They have vegan options and also have vitamin (I think) gummies available. Also you can find a post about my experience(s) here.


5-Ingredient French Toast

This is a recipe I came up with because I was mainly missing ingredients, but it’s pretty simple and only 5 ingredients;  

  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 4 or 5 slices of bread
  • 3 tbs vanilla ice cream
  • icing sugar
As you can probably guess, I didn’t have cinnamon or vanilla extract but it turned out okay. I found that sprinkling some icing sugar on top before eating it made it slightly sweeter, but you can adjust this recipe to whatever you have at home.


TFS Special Gift Set

The Face Shop has two gift sets that were made with Mother’s Day in mind with products from the brand Yehwadam, which is more of a high end brand. The sets are $77 or $55 depending on which set you want. Honestly, if it weren’t for Covid-19 I would have likely bought the set (their site, last time I tried, only took credit cards).


Mother’s Day Video/Slideshow

With a little time on your hands, sending a personally made Mother’s Day video/slideshow is also a good idea. Better yet, it doesn’t break social distancing rules. Well, unless you have to be there to show them the video but that’s another thing. I would first start off by looking at any young/baby photos of you and your mom/mother figure. Then any pictures of your mom/mother figure’s teenage years, your teen pics, family vacations and etc.
If you even have a few videos/short videos, that’ll add a nice touch.


Skin TO Care Package

Skin TO is a small local company that sells Korean Skincare in the Toronto area, and they have released a Mother’s Day Package that consists of;  

  • CoxRx Power Liquid
  • Mamonde Ceramide Skin
  • 3 anti-aging samples
  • 1 chocopie
It costs $70 CAD (which includes shipping within Ontario) to get, and it would make a great gift while also supporting a local business. You can find them on instagram and message for availability/etc.


Quote Appreciation Board

When I was in elementary/middle school, we were once told to do this for a Mother’s Day collage. Find quotes from your mom’s favourite book, and write them down, maybe some quote snippets from somewhere that mean a lot and etc. Back then we added hand drawn-drawings but I’ve seen others where aesthetically pleasing images were added.

Thanks for reading my latest blog post! I hope this gives you some ideas for Mother’s Day gifts/gestures. Feel free to find me on instagram @vesalisa to keep up with my next post, or to follow along by making a free account with Bloglovin’.
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