I recently found out about a site/app/service called Bloglovin when I was looking at another Blogger’s blog. I was so curious as to why she had a little “blog cover” at the bottom and looking at what Bloglovin does I decided to hop on. Bloglovin is a service that acts almost like Instagram/Pinterest in a way, where it is a place for all of your favourite blogs. It makes it easier for you to view posts from your favourite blogs, and it’s all in one place, and free!
There’s also a free app available to make it easier for those on phones!
To get started: 

  • Click on the “Bloglovin+” widget at the bottom of one of my blog posts
  • It will take you to my blog page on the website
  • Before you can interact with my blog, you’ll be prompted to sign in or create a free account
  • After that step, you can choose to interact with my blog posts, share them and follow my blog


Toronto-based Beauty and Lifestyle blogger focusing on the world of Korean Skincare and Beauty, particularly product reviews and where to get them in Canada.

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