I stumbled across this Mediheal X BT21 (at least I think it was?) face mask at Miniso, and according to the translated instructions at the back, the specific mask I bought  was supposed to help reduce redness. Despite being about $1-$2 and being slightly pricey to get 1 mask, I bought it because I had a feeling that I might need it for prom. And my hunch was right, but let’s see how this worked to reduce the redness.
The day before prom, I woke up with a lightly red face. Which happens occasionally, I’m not sure why but it doesn’t hurt or anything like that. I waited until pretty late that night to use the mask (the teal coloured packaging with the little duck) and hoped that it would help the redness, because if I hadn’t used it, it would’ve shown through the makeup the next night.
The mask didn’t seem to have a scent, and it was rather cold from sitting in my room for a week (my room is colder than the rest of the condo actually). The mask itself was white, but there was a small cartoon duck on the right cheek, which was adorable. My mom saw me and couldn’t stop laughing because it was adorable. The mask didn’t irritate my skin, and I didn’t feel anything (tingling, stinging or itching) which was great!
For some reason, I expected my face to already be void of redness so I was kinda disappointed when I took the mask off because my face was still red but 80% better than it was before. But looking back now, and keeping in mind that sometimes it might take a little while for the mask’s essence to kick in, I know it worked well because the next day my face was no longer red.

Overall, if you were to get this mask I’d recommend getting 2 for better results. Or grabbing the box of 5 if it’s cheaper/on sale. If you’re looking to buy this, feel free to use the (affiliate) link below, or you can most likely find these at Miniso or a k-beauty store/supermarket.


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