In Toronto, or at least the places I tend to frequent, there seems to be a Starbucks and Bath & Body Works store everywhere. So I think it was inevitable that I’d eventually end up buying some products from that store sooner or later.

To be honest, this isn’t my first time purchasing from the store but I actually stopped because they discontinued my favourite body wash, and because I ended up getting enough little hand creams to last my mom 2 years lol. So how, and why did I start up again?
First off, there was a perfect promotion in-store that I was allowed to pair with the coupon I was emailed. My friend had also planned to get something (not much) so we just combined our stuff to take advantage of the offer and make sure we aren’t buying too much that we didn’t need. The promotion was a Buy 3 get 3 for $35.50 type promo, and I was sent a 20% entire order that I combined with it. Then my friend and I each paid half of that total, and if I did the math right, I’m fairly sure the total ends up being $4.73 per product.


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Let me just say, paying $6+ for a body wash isn’t necessarily a big deal for me, but my mom finds it “wasteful” when she can get random ones at Shoppers for $2-$4. But with what I mentioned above, save yourself that $2 for something. I’m sure there are likely better deals out there, but if you’re going to split it with someone I think this is the best option.
Of course, if you want all 6, then this is still a great option.

Moving onto the haul and review. . . I bought a Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray, a White Citrus Shower Gel and a Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel. I saw on instagram that there were some people who absolutely hated the scent, and I was so confused! Is it the same product we’re talking about? Or is there another product in other countries from B&BW that’s got the same name? Different formulas/scent?
Never mind, everyone’s got their preferences so that’s okay. In my opinion, Japanese Cherry Blossom has one of the lighter scents in the whole store, which is great because when I buy any products from there I have to be mindful of my parents because some scents really get to them. When I was in middle school, there was this collection I loved; Pink Chiffon. But it was discontinued shortly after I discovered it.
I think they released a similar product, but the scent was much more overpowering. But let’s be honest, there are so many possible products/scents inside of bath and body works that I feel that after a while, they all start smelling about the same no? I guess if you’re in store, the hardest thing to choose is whether you want to buy the body wash, lotion or body spray.
I never buy any type of lotion for myself at B&BW to be honest, I’m a little picky on that. So for me, it’s usually a tough choice having to choose between buying the body wash or the body spray. Easiest thing I started doing for scenarios like these was take a little time to ask myself; do I want to smell the product, or smell like the product? Because there is a difference.
If you want to smell the product, but not necessarily smell it all the time throughout the day, go for the body wash. If you don’t mind smelling it throughout the day; ask yourself if you want it to be long lasting, or just popping up occasionally. If you want the long lasting-type of scent, the lotion is best (if they offer one for that scent). Or if you want it just popping up occasionally, the body spray is best.
Though as a note, if you get the body spray, be prepared because it’s cold when sprayed on the skin.

I wasn’t sure if doing a little review/haul of some B&BW products were a good idea, because I honestly suck at describing different scents and undertones and whatnot.  So if you liked this, please leave a like reaction below, if not, please just wait until my next blog post or let me know why!
~ See you in the next one!


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